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The College Essay Writing Process

College essay writing is very different than it used to be. Originally, a college essay was an essay that explored the author's personal viewpoint on a specific topic. The writer's life story was related in great detail and often included personal details that the reader may not know about otherwise. The writer's point of view and opinion was the main point of the essay, and it was built around this central theme. With today's essay writing, this has changed, and instead the essay is built around a central theme, or a particular argument.

Writing a college essay can be very time consuming. Most colleges and universities request essays to be written in a certain order. The basic structure is an introduction, the body and conclusion. The essay writer must adhere to the guidelines set forth by their college or university in order to write a proper and acceptable essay.

When it comes to essay writing, the first thing that the writer must do is determine what the focus of the essay will be. This is usually obvious at the beginning of the essay. If the essay is to discuss a candidate, the writer should begin with the facts related to that person's qualifications for the position. If the focus is the development of a curriculum, then the essay should contain information about the current state of that curriculum. The end result of the college essay will depend entirely on the writer's point of view and how they plan to support it.

One of the most important aspects of essay writing is that it is structured correctly from start to finish. The writer needs to use proper sentence structure, paragraph structure, and word grouping in order to construct a proper argument. Any transition from one paragraph to another is also extremely important, as the writer needs to make sure that the reader knows what's coming next.

Another important aspect of essay writing when it comes to college is that the essay should be error free. A good writer doesn't need to use a lot of 'I' statements in their essays; the essay should simply contain information. The writer is not there to prove a point, but rather to provide evidence and a reason as to why they believe so. Any facts or information that the writer chooses to include should be supported by their argument.

When a writer chooses to write a personal essay, they may have the opportunity to include many things not generally used in college writing. These types of essays may discuss family, a hobby, favorite pastimes, or experiences that only a specific group of people might experience. Whatever the topic of the essay is, it needs to relate back to the main theme of the college essay. Many times a writer will have an idea for a story that relates back to their essay topic, but it's important that the writer brings this story to light without going off track.

Finally, when a writer is writing an essay, they need to remember that the essay is not a place to wax poetically about one's high school days. Rather, the essay needs to be factual and completely honest. Even though the essay is meant to be a reflection of oneself, it's important to keep the focus of the essay firmly on the future. It's fine to indulge one's inner child by sharing how much they liked a particular movie that came out; however, the essay should be more about the writer and what they plan to do with their life. After all, the essay is not a trip down memory lane, but rather a way for the writer to get ahead in life and create a solid resume.

College essay writing is never an easy task. It takes skill, creativity, and a bit of luck to create a well-written essay that will allow you to shine during your future interviews. Keep these tips in mind, and use them to your advantage when it comes to essay writing. Good luck!

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